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Research Application


Appendix A: Additional Research Staff

Appendix B: Research Involving Pregnant Women, Human Fetuses, and Neonates as Subjects

Appendix C: Research Involving Prisoners as Subjects

Appendix D: Research Involving Children as Subjects

Appendix E: Unaffiliated Investigator Agreement

Appendix F: Recruitment, Consent/Assent, and Authorization Documents

Appendix G: State Agency Records Request (Rev. Dec 2012) |Contact List (Nov 2013)|

Appendix H: Resource Requests (Feb 2013)

Appendix I: Consent/Authorization Waivers

Appendix J: Electronic Data Security Plan

 | Data Security Exhibit |

Appendix K: Data Collection Instruments

Appendix L: Miscellaneous Study Documents

Appendix M: Application for Funds Awarded to DSHS, DOH, L&I , and/or HCA

Appendix N: Conflict of Interest Reporting (Rev. May 2013)

We only accept applications submitted on our current forms.

The WSIRB will only review research applications for research that is within its jurisdiction (DSHS, DOH, L&I, HCA, and several county health departments).

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