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State Progress 2014

DSHS Mission: To transform lives

Where we are as a state is a combination of the efforts of the Governor, Legislature, Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), and society as as a whole. The goal for DSHS is to be a national leader in every aspect of client service.


The summary evaluations below present one picture of where we stand, grouped by the people we serve.






Juvenile Rehabilitation







Gold Star We have achieved national leadership
GREEN Strong performance and service in an area
Yellow Areas of concern, unmet need or both
example of upward arrow Positive movement
Red Serious concern, unmet need or both






Bill Moss Assistant Secretary, Aging and Long-Term Support Administration,

Jane Beyer Assistant Secretary, Behavioral Health and Service Integration Administration,

Jennifer Strus Assistant Secretary, Children´s Administration,

Everlyn Perez Assistant Secretary, Developmental Disabilities Administration,

David Stillman Assistant Secretary, Economic Services Administration,

John Clayton Assistant Secretary, Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Administration,

Kathy Marshall Assistant Secretary, Financial Services Administration,

Patricia Lashway Assistant Secretary, Services and Enterprise Support Administration