Refugee Assistance Program
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Refugee Assistance Program

Revised April 18, 2013

Purpose: This category contains rules and procedures for the Refugee Assistance Program and contains the following sections and

A.  Immigration Status Requirements
WAC 388-466-0005 Immigration status requirement for refugee assistance
B.  Income and Resource Requirements
WAC 388-466-0140 Income and resources for refugee assistance eligibility
C.  Refugee Cash Assistance
WAC 388-466-0120 Refugee cash assistance
D.  Refugee Medical Assistance
WAC 182-507-0130 Refugee medical assistance (RMA)
WAC 182-507-0135 Refugee medical assistance (RMA)
E.  Employment and Training Requirements for Refugees
WAC 388-466-0150 Refugee employment and training services
Modification Date: April 18, 2013