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Updated: October 14, 2014

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ACES 3G (In Online Case Actions)09-12-2012
ACES Online05-13-2014
AFRS - Agency Financial Reporting System (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD) (In Basic Food Program)03-25-2011
Add A Person (In Screening -
Add A Program (In Screening -
Additional Requirements05-20-2014
Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)05-17-2013
Administrative Hearings03-25-2011
Adverse Action (In Change of Circumstances)03-25-2011
Aged, Blind, or Disabled Cash Assistance (ABD)06-23-2014
Alcohol and Drug Related Programs - ADATSA06-23-2014
Alcohol and Drug Related Programs - DETOX (in Medical)03-25-2011
Alerts - Online Case Actions (ACES 3G)01-17-2014
Alien Medical (In Medical)03-25-2011
Alternate Care (In Long Term Care, Alternate Care, & Waivered Services)03-25-2011
Assistance Units (AU)06-23-2014
Authorized Representative Payee ChartNEW 10-07-2014
Authorized Representative/Protective PayeeNEW 10-13-2014
BENDEX - Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
BIA - Bureau of Indian Affairs (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Basic Food Program09-21-2012
Basic Health Plus (BH Plus) Medical03-25-2011
Beneficiary Earnings Exchange Record (BEER) (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Beneficiary Identification and Medical Source Codes06-09-2014
Benefit Error Group (BEG)01-17-2014
COPES (In Long Term Care, Alternate Care, & Waivered Services)03-25-2011
Case Detail03-25-2011
Case Transfer09-06-2013
Certification Period07-10-2014
Change of Circumstances06-23-2014
Children's Medical (In Medical)03-25-2011
Citizenship and Identity Verification for Medicaid (In Medical)03-30-2011
Close an Assistance Unit / Client03-25-2011
Confinement and Release03-25-2011
Consolidated Emergency Assistance Program (CEAP)03-25-2011
Continuous Eligibility for Categorically Needy Childrens Medical (In Medical)03-25-2011
Copy Back07-10-2012
Data Warehouse03-25-2011
Deny an Assistance Unit / Client08-22-2013
Disability Lifeline Program (Invalid)05-18-2012
Disability lifeline Medical (G01, G02) (In Medical) (Invalid)05-18-2012
Disaster Assistance03-25-2011
Disqualifications and SanctionsNEW 10-10-2014
Disqualified Recipient Systems (DRS) (In Disqualifications and Sanctions)03-25-2011
Diversion Cash Assistance (DCA)09-15-2011
Division of Child Support - DCS (in Interface Data)03-25-2011
Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) (In Issuances)03-25-2011
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (In Issuances)03-25-2011
Eligibility Review - Online Case Actions (ACES 3G)05-20-2013
Eligibility Review / Recertification 07-10-2014
Employment Security Department Interfaces03-25-2011
Equal Access03-25-2011
Expedited Services (In Basic Food Program)03-25-2011
Family Long Term Care (in Long Term Care, Alternate Care, Managed Care & Waivered Services)03-30-2011
Family Medical (In Medical)03-25-2011
Famlink (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Finalize Application09-04-2013
Financial Responsibility Codes11-02-2012
Financial Services Administration (FSA) (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Fleeing Felon (In Disqualifications and Sanctions)03-25-2011
Head of Household (HOH)03-25-2011
Health Benefit Exchange (HBE) Interfaces09-26-2013
Hospice (In Medical)03-25-2011
IRS - Internal Revenue Service (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
ITIS Inquiry Subsystem (Invalid as of 05/19/2013)05-14-2013
IVES - Income and Eligibility Verification System (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Income Eligibility and Budgeting 01-21-2014
Indian Country Mapping (In Screen Descriptions - ADDR)03-25-2011
Inquiry 04-03-2012
Institutions for Mental Diseases (IMD)06-23-2014
Intentional Program Violation (IPV) - Food Assistance (In Disqualifications and Sanctions)03-25-2011
Interface Data09-26-2013
Labor and Industries (L&I) (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Letters Issues10-17-2012
Long Term Care06-19-2014
Low Income Subsidy (LIS) (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Medical Care Services (MCS) Medical (G01) (In Medical)10-20-2011
Medical Care Services - MCS (A01,A05)(In Medical)07-28-2014
Medical Information (In Medical)03-25-2011
Medical Services Card03-25-2011
Medicare Buy-In (In Interface Data)12-28-2012
Medicare Savings Program06-20-2014
Merge / Split Client IDs03-25-2011
Mid-Certification Review - (In Eligibility Review/Recertification Process)03-25-2011
Mid-Certification Review - Online Case Actions (ACES 3G)01-11-2013
Misrepresenting Interstate Residence - Ineligible (In Disqualifications and Sanctions)03-25-2011
Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Medical09-26-2013
New Hire Information (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Newborn Categorically Needy Medical (F05) (In Medical)03-25-2011
Non-Cooperation (In Disqualifications and Sanctions)03-25-2011
Non-Custodial Parent (In Screen Descriptions - NCPS)03-25-2011
Numident (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Nursing Facility (In Long Term Care, Alternate Care, and Waivered Services)03-25-2011
OFR - Office of Financial Recovery (In Interface Data) 03-25-2011
OSPI-Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (In Interface)09-12-2012
Online Case Actions (ACES 3G) - TABLE OF CONTENTSNEW 10-08-2014
Online Services Access (OSA)03-25-2011
Overpayments (In Benefit Error Group - BEG)03-25-2011
PARIS - Public Assistance Reporting Information System (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Pregnancy Medical (P02/P04) (In Medical)03-25-2011
Pregnant Women Assistance (PWA)01-11-2012
Premiums (in Medical)03-25-2011
Prisoner Match with SSA (In Interface Data) 03-25-2011
Process Application Month03-25-2011
Processing Alternatives (PAL)05-13-2011
Processing Alternatives (PAL) - Basic Food Program01-30-2014
Processing Alternatives (PAL) - Cash Assistance 12-13-2011
Processing Alternatives (PAL) - Home and Community Services03-25-2011
Processing Alternatives (PAL) - Medical11-06-2013
Program Codes12-17-2013
ProviderOne (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Psychiatric Indigent Inpatient (PII) (In Medical)03-25-2011
QDWI - Medical Coverage Group - S04 (In Medicare Savings Program)03-25-2011
QMB - Medical Coverage Group - S03 (In Medicare Savings Program)03-25-2011
Quality Assurance / Quality Control06-27-2011
Quitting A Job Without Good Cause (In Disqualifications and Sanctions)03-25-2011
Reason Codes03-25-2011
Record of Assistance Paid 05-17-2013
Refugee Assistance03-25-2011
Refugee Medical (In Medical) 03-25-2011
Registration and Control of Negotiables (RCN) (In Issuances)03-25-2011
Retroactive Medical (In Medical)03-25-2011
SDX - State Data Exchange (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
SLMB - Medical Coverage Group - S05 (In Medicare Savings Program)03-25-2011
Sanctions (In Disqualifications and Sanctions)03-25-2011
Scratch Pad Area (SPA)03-25-2011
Screen Descriptions (in Interview)03-25-2011
ScreeningNEW 10-07-2014
Shared Cases07-01-2011
Short Stay (In Medical)03-25-2011
Sneede vs. Kizer (In Medical)03-25-2011
Social Security Number (SSN)06-04-2014
Social Service Payment System (SSPS) (In Interface Data)03-25-2011
Spawn Medical (In Trickle and Sprout)03-25-2011
Spenddown (In Medical)03-25-2011
Spider Page05-19-2014
Split Client IDs (In Merge / Split Client IDs)03-25-2011
Sprouting Medical (In Trickle and Sprout)03-25-2011
Standard Utility Allowance (SUA) (In Basic Food Program)03-25-2011
Standards of Assistance03-25-2011
Standards of Promptness (SOP)09-06-2013
State On-line Query (SOLQ) (In Inquiry/Online Reference Data)03-25-2011
State Supplemental Program (SSP)04-03-2012
Summer EBT for Children - SEBTC (In Basic Food Program)06-01-2012
Supervisory Activities03-25-2011
TPL - Third Party Liability Screens - Coding (In Medicare Savings Program)03-25-2011
Take Charge Family Planning Medical (P06) (In Medical)03-25-2011
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)11-21-2013
Tracks - Medical (In Trickle and Sprout)03-25-2011
Transitional Food Assistance (TFA) (In Basic Food Program)03-25-2011
Trial Eligibility03-25-2011
Trickle and Sprout 11-04-2013
Underpayment (In Benefit Error Group - BEG)03-25-2011
Unmarried Pregnant Minor or Minor Parent (In Disqualifications and Sanctions)03-25-2011
Update Assistance Unit / Client 03-25-2011
Vendor Payment05-15-2013
Waiver Services (In Long Term Care, Alternate Care, & Waiver Services)03-25-2011
Washington State Combined Application Program (WASHCAP)05-19-2014
Washington Telephone Assistance Program - WTAP (In Interface Data) 04-06-2011
Modification Date: October 14, 2014