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Designated Mental Health Professionals

In 2005 the Washington State Legislature changed the name from County Designated Mental Health Professional (CDMHP) to Designated Mental Health Professional (DMHP). Chapter 503, Laws of 2005 (ESSHB 1290)

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Model Documents for Designated Mental Health Professionals

The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery is providing these model documents in the hope that they may be of assistance to DMHPs in their implementation of the Involuntary Treatment Acts (ITA) - RCW 71.05 & RCW 71.34. They were written and reviewed by experienced DMHPs and attorneys active in the ITA practice and include many features to assist both DMHPs and persons in the judicial system. These documents are being offered to those that find them helpful - they should not be considered required or mandatory. It is always good practice to have any new documents that will be submitted to the courts be reviewed by your legal representative.

The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery would like to express our gratitude to Jan Dobbs, Director, Urgent Care Services, Spokane Mental Health and Neil Korbus, Deputy Prosecutor, Spokane County Prosecutor's Office who are the primary authors of the documents and are responsible for their high quality. We would like to thank Scott Kuhle, President Emeritus, and the Executive Board of the Washington Association of Designated Mental Health Professionals (WADMHP) for their leadership in the development of these documents. We also want to thank the many WADMHP members, multiple attorneys and other interested persons whose review and comments on earlier drafts helped produce the final products.

Please send any questions or comments on these documents to David Kludt, Mental Health Program Administrator, by e-mail (kludtdj@dshs.wa.gov ) or call (509) 227-2617. You can also contact Jan Dobbs, Director, Urgent Care Services, Spokane Mental Health, (jdobbs@smhca.org).

Revisions to DMHP Protocols Finalized

The DMHP Protocols provide guidelines to Designated Mental Health Professionals on the process of administration of the involuntary treatment acts for adults (Chapter 71.05 RCW) and minors (Chapter 71.34 RCW) and in their role in the implementation of the criminal insanity statute (Chapter 10.77 RCW).