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Ongoing Video Training

Working Effectively with Children of the Incarcerated, their Parents and Caregivers

These video modules are designed to help social workers and other social service providers understand the particular needs of families with an incarcerated parent and learn effective practices in working with children of the incarcerated, their parents and caregivers.

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Click on the modules listed below to see a summary of the content in each module and a link to the powerpoint slides. Before watching a video, open the PowerPoint slides for the section you are viewing.

There are also two links at the bottom of this page: a summary of resources that the speakers refer to, and a summary of relevant legislation and policies.

Video Training Modules:


Voices of Youth Panel

Navigating Practice Challenges: Children

Voices of Parents Panel

Navigating Practice Challenges: Caregivers

Navigating Practice Challenges: Parents

Partner Agency Panel

Impact on Community


Summary of Resources

Legislation and Policies

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