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Resource Family Training Institute

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Guardians of dependent children and kinship families are welcome to attend all classes provided statewide by the Resource Family Institute, free of charge, whether or not you are licensed.

Joan Sager

Joan Sager

I'm excited to join the Resource Family Training Institute in Region 3 where I will be training in Snohomish County. Prior to this position I had the privilege to work with children and families in a variety of settings and geographical locations. From the beginning, children and their families have been at the heart of my career, which started as a pre-school teacher in Los Angeles, and was quickly encompassed within the social service field. I left the warmth of southern California to move to Anchorage, Alaska where I lived for 23 years. During these years I worked closely in the field of domestic violence, CPS and adoption.

I had the opportunity to work in close partnership with foster families when I joined Children's Administration in Anchorage, where I carried a Permanency Planning caseload. This included recruitment and training of adoptive families, transitioning children and supporting foster parents. I had a priority caseload of older child adoption, a gratifying experience and one in which I learned much from foster parents, who played a crucial role in supporting children during that critical transition.

When I began raising my two children, I had my own adoption consulting practice for 11 years and worked closely with families who were adopting both domestically and internationally. Our family moved to Washington in 1999 and I continued working in the adoption field and added teaching Child Abuse and Neglect classes at Skagit Valley College. I returned to early childhood and for the recent 6 years worked for Head Start.

I completed my A.A. Degree in Early Childhood, followed by my B. A. Degree in Psychology/Special Education from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. I will be completing my Masters Degree in Education from Western Washington University shortly.

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Phone: 425-339-1811

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