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Medicaid supplies for foster parents

Caregivers can discuss any needs for periodic or on-going supplies, services, or equipment to meet the child's health conditions with the child's medical provider. (Does your foster child over age 3 still need diapers? Do you need a wheelchair for the child? etc.) The medical provider will write a prescription for the required item that the caregiver can take to any pharmacy or medical supply vendor that accepts Medicaid.

It is always helpful for the caregiver to check with the Doctor if this item, service or equipment requires prior authorization from Medicaid. Any pharmacy or medical supply vendor who accepts Medicaid will know when and how to request a prior authorization for medications, services, or equipment.

If you need additional help contact the Foster Care Medical Team (FCMT):

  1. Dial: 1-800-562-3022 (do not include the extension when you dial this number)
  2. Stay on the line - do not say anything unless you need assistance in another language. (The system is very sensitive, so make sure there is not a lot of noise around you.)
  3. The system will tell you to say, "Dial" if you have an extension.
  4. Since you have an extension, say "Dial".
  5. Next, the system will ask if you are a "client, provider, or other". Do NOT respond to this question; just press "3" on your phone.
  6. The system will say it is transferring you and then ask you to dial the extension number.
  7. The FCMT extension number to enter is 15480.