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Health & Safety

Children Missing from Care

Training PowerPoint

Youth at Risk for Running Away - Tips for Caregivers and Staff

Run Prevention Tips for Staff

How to Help a Youth Who is at Risk to Run - Prevention Tips for Caregivers

Resource Information for Youth at Risk to Run - Tips for Staff and Caregivers

When a Youth Runs & Returns - Tips for Caregivers

When a Youth Returns - Tips for Staff

Find a Medicaid Provider

The Medicaid Purchasing Agency (MPA)and ProviderOne has a website for caregivers who need to locate a Medicaid provider for the children placed in their home. Just enter the town/county/clinic name and enter search. You will also be able to search by specialty. Go to the website to find a provider...

CHILD Profile

CHILD Profile is Washington State's Health Promotion and Immunization Registry system. The system helps ensure Washington's kids get the preventive health care they need.

The CHILD Profile website has links to age specific health and developmental materials. These materials can be printed and shared with foster parents and caregivers.

Have You Heard About EPSDT/Well-Child Exams?

Children and youth may go to the doctor whenever there is a need or they are sick. However, taking the child/youth to the doctor when they are sick is not the same as an EPSDT examination.

What is an EPSDT/Well-Child examination?

When does my child/youth need an EPSDT/Well-Child Exam?

What if I have Questions?

When Foster Parents Experience Grief and Loss

Do you use non-sterile gloves as part of daily care?

If the use of non-sterile gloves is part of the day-to-day care of a child placed in your home, the child's Medicaid benefits will automatically pay for 2 boxes (200 gloves) if you have a prescription from the child's medical provider. Read more...


Fire Safety for Young Children Learn how to keep young children safe in a fire with Ed Burgado (YouTube 9 min). Part of keeping kids safe is making sure that they know what to do in a fire. This video should be viewed, not only by you, but by the children in your home. It could save their life! En Espanol


Choking/Suffocation Prevention - Guidelines to help prevent a child from choking or suffocating. (56 Kb)
Fostering Well Being - The Fostering Well-Being Care Coordination Unit assists caregivers and medical professionals address the health needs of children in foster care.
Fire Safety Guide - Informational guide to help keep families safe from fire hazards. Includes a graph for an escape plan and a crossword puzzle. (353 Kb)
Gun Safety - Common sense about gun safety. (197 Kb)