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Parenting Videos and Resources

Behavioral Strategies


Behavioral Challenges in Foster Care

Gary Benton, family counselor, teaches techniques to work with the behaviors of children who have had many of their needs challenged. He addresses such topics as:

  • Preventing challenging behaviors
  • Starting off a foster parent/child relationship better
  • Learn how to get an existing relationship that has gone sideways back to the basics
  • Brain model research
  • Discipline techniques
  • Foster parent personal care and stress

Behavioral Challenges in Foster Care (59 min)

Behavior Management ages 11-18

Learn to create a supportive environment for youth in care.

Part 1 (1 hr 4 min)

Part 2 (55 min)

Part 3 (28 min)

De-escalation Techniques in Foster Care

Learn from Gary Benton, family counselor, helpful de-escalation techniques in dealing with children in crisis and their resulting behaviors. Topics discussed include:

  • Stress
  • Anger and where it comes from
  • What kids are trying to do
  • Brain research

De-escalation Techniques in Foster Care (59 min)

Trauma and Children

Learn what recent terrorist events in our nation may mean to children in our midst. Hear about the signs of Post Traumatic Stress in children and how you can help them to recover from direct or indirect violence.

A team of experienced clinicians and caregivers will discuss how we can protect and empower our children.

Part 1 Trauma and Children (59 min)

Stress Reduction techniques that you and your children can use in difficult times.

Part 2 Stress Reduction Techniques (26 min)

Reading List for Trauma and Children (28k)


Parenting After Trauma: Understanding Your Child's Needs - A Guide for Foster and Adoptive Parents


Fosterparentscope Training - The Dope on Drugs
The Dope on Drugs contains interactive training information to help parents learn about illegal drugs, their effects, and how to help children who are using these drugs.


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