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Strategy for Change

Building a strong, solid foundation is key to achieving and sustaining a child welfare system that provides effective services to improve the lives of children and families.

Change must focus on the entire body of work done by the administration. Four major areas have been identified that need improvements to produce positive outcomes for all children and families served by the child welfare system. These include:

  • Effective services that successfully meet the specific needs of children and families.
  • Consistent child welfare practice that protects children and strengthens families.
  • A well-trained and supported workforce.
  • Strong business processes that support our mission.

While we are working on foundational strategies, we also must meet state and federal requirements and priorities identified by policy makers, Tribes and Indian organizations, advisory committees, foster parents, children in care, management, and staff.

Change must be implemented at a pace that is as fast as possible, yet does not overload the capacity of the system. An organization's ability to absorb change is often the largest single factor in determining the success of a program or initiative.

Links to more information:

  • Advancing Child Welfare - Legislation passed during the 2012 legislative session provides initiatives and leverages resources toward increasing child safety and improving child and family well-being. These initiatives provide the foundation of Advancing Child Welfare.
  • Practice Model - A new practice model and SACWIS will support pathways between assessing families' needs, planning their treatment, and early engagement in appropriate services.
  • Child and Family Services Review - The federal government's assessment in the child and family services review provides a baseline evaluation of the current child welfare system. The program improvement plan includes 23 performance targets and many action steps designed to help meet them.
  • Braam Foster Care Settlement Agreement – Includes specific improvements related to the care of children in out-of-home placement.
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