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What happens after I file a Welfare Fraud complaint report?

  1. Your complaint is taken or received by the Office of Fraud and Accountability Welfare Fraud Hotline Coordinator.

    NOTE: If you wish to remain anonymous, do not provide your name as it may be subject to public disclosure. If you choose not to remain anonymous, please provide your name and phone number so one of our investigators may contact you if any additional information is needed.

  2. The Coordinator then sends a report out for investigation.

    NOTE: Once the report is sent out, the Coordinator has no further information regarding the investigation.

    ALSO: The status or results of an investigation cannot be disclosed per
    RCW 74.04.060.

  3. The Investigator completes an investigation of the allegations.
  4. The results of the investigation are sent to the appropriate Community Services Office (Welfare Office).
  5. OFA criminal investigation results may be sent to the appropriate prosecutor.